How to Overcome Fears

Fear serves an important purpose, they exists to keep us safe. Unfortunately, keeping us safe comes with a cost. By keeping us safe, fear obstructs us from our destiny to achieve massive success. Achieving massive success requires us to take risks, which the degree of it varies. It requires us to push ourselves to the brink of our capabilities and beyond.

Here’s 3 actions that you can take to overcome your fears.


Most of the successful people are also masters of their fields. They know everything about their trade and business. Don’t believe me? Try asking Warren Buffett about stocks and investments and Elon Musk about rockets and cars.

When our understanding of our trades are found lacking, we fear being questioned and exposed and making catastrophic mistakes. Therefore, we need to put in the time to learn about them to increase our confidence, and in turn, overcoming our fears towards them.

Some forms of learning includes reading, attending seminars, listening to podcasts, watching educational videos on the internet, and most important of all, putting them into practical applications.

Taking Baby Steps

How do you eat an elephant? “By taking one bite at a time.”

Everything seemed too massive and unachievable at first. Unless we begin by taking the first, baby, and tiniest of steps, we will not see any improvements.

Push yourself to take those baby steps and see where they’ll take you.

You’ll be surprised.

Learn to Face Your Fears

Fears can be gradually conquered when we learn how to get into the habit of facing them.

Most people are not able to achieve their life dreams because they choose to succumb to their fears, rather than to overcome them. Successful people look forward to their fears because they know that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

They know that overcoming fears leads to massive rewards, such as money, recognition, and making a difference in people’s lives. Learn to see the ‘gold’. Let the ‘gold’ become the reason to vanish your fears into thin air.

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