What Can We Learn From Donald Trump?

Donald Trump, the current US President and also one of the most controversial character in modern times. Since he became the president, many people have forgotten that he is also a businessman, and a rather success one as well.

So, what are some lessons we can learn from one of the most successful hotel and real estate tycoons in the world?



His success speaks for itself.

To cut it short, no lazy person can ever attain the status of a billionaire.

Whether you like Trump or not, his work ethic is always on full display and should be an example for aspiring businessmen and businesswomen to follow.

It’s a well known fact that he loves his work and he sleeps just 4 hours a day, and he’s a man in his 70s.


Trump always seek to challenge the impossible.

I remember during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign, almost every poll was expecting him to lose to Hillary Clinton by a large margin. But to my surprise, instead of behaving like the underdog, he proudly proclaimed how big he is going to win.

..and the rest is history.


Unfortunately, the truth is that in the business and political world, there’s no room for passivity.

That’s why during the recent 2020 Presidential Debate with his Democratic Party opponent, Joe Biden, he came across as overly aggressive. He simply didn’t turn up for a “discussion” but rather, a fight.

Rather than sticking to the “taking turns to speak” formalities, he knew his boundaries well and pushed them to their limits.

What other lessons can we learn from Donald Trump?

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