Why Are We So Attracted to Big Red Buttons?

Red buttons represent a call to action. For what? Doesn’t matter actually.

Just like the unseen notifications flashing at us from our phones, they begin to eat into us for every additional minute that we leave them unattended.

Red buttons are powerful. Think about it, what’s the first thing that you will feel like doing everytime you see a shiny red button?


What if, beside the shiny red button, there’s a message written in bold: “Do not press the red button!” How would you feel? What would you be dying to do?

You get the point.

Red buttons are what your business should aspire to be. Ask yourself how people will react when they first see your business. If they aren’t tempted to give it a “push”, then it could be a strong indication that there’s still a lot of room for your business to manouvre.

Stay tuned for more on Red Button business..

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