3 Secret Ingredients to Turn “Wants” into Actions

I get it. You want to be rich and successful. You want to get started. You also know your actions will ultimately determine if you fail or succeed.

But you just cannot transform your “wants” into actions.

This is a huge problem, not just for you, but for people all over the world. We can read self-motivational books all day, but if we do not understand the mechanical aspects of our mind and body, the gears simply will not move.

In this post, I will share the 3 secret ingredients that can turn your “wants” into actions. This are very powerful so please write them down and keep them in mind every time you feel unmotivated about doing the things that you are supposed to do.


The first secret ingredient to help you turn your “wants” into actions is “reasons”. It is imperative that you have reasons that are strong enough to activate you to put in the actions that will contribute to your goals.

If you are not taking actions, it is simply an indication that your reasons are too weak. Different people have different reasons to want to succeed. Usually, the reasons comes from deep within the individual.

Think about what reasons you have for you to achieve your “wants”. The more and the stronger your reasons are, the more they will push you to start taking actions.


The second ingredient is your goals. Most people do not set goals. They live their lives on auto-pilot, going where the wind carries them to.

Unfortunately, leaving it to fate is often a prime recipe of failure. Goals are like finishing points. Imagine if you are competing in a running competition that do not have a clear finishing point. You will start to become confused. You will become lost. However, if you can see the finishing line clearly, then your mind and body will be tuned to help you put in your optimum performance for the race.

Write down your goals. When we write them down, we become more committed to them then we simply keep them as thoughts. Also, when we write them down, they become clear.


The third ingredient is momentum. Often, we become highly motivated about something but after a few days, the motivation dies off and we are back at the initial spot.

Getting from zero to one is the most difficult phase. Once we can get past that, we can use momentum to help keep us going until we reach our goals. Brian Tracy said,”…once you get into motion toward something that is important to you, it’s much easier to continue making progress than it is if you stop somewhere along the way and have to start again.

So have faith knowing that once you get started, things will get easier with momentum.

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