“I Have No Time!”

I remember around 8 years ago, I managed to close a sale and I sent a text to my sales director to update him about it. Within a minute, he had sent a reply to congratulate me.

To many, this may not seem like anything much. But it taught me an impactful lesson that I remembered till this day. How could a powerful and successful figure reply me, an insignificant salesman, so quickly? Aren’t he supposed to be very busy? No doubt, he is a busy man. He could have replied me hours later, or even the next day. But he chose to replied me and that left an indelible mark on me.

We all have time. In fact, we all have equal amount of time. 24 hours to be exact. Nobody has an hour more or less. The key is how we manage this 24 hours. If we choose to spend most of them entertaining ourselves, then there won’t be much output from them. But if we spend most of them honing our skills and pursuing our dreams, then we can expect a much more successful and meaningful life in the future.

Most adults are working in an employment. After deducting 8 hours from office and 8 hours of sleep, we are left with 8 hours of “spare time”. How are you using these 8 hours? Candy Crush? K-drama?

Well, if you want to find massive success, then you need to start prioritizing on quality actions that will give you massive success.

“The primary difference between rich people and poor people is how they spend their spare time.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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