Here’s Why You Haven’t Start Your Business

“If only I can run my own business and live life on my terms.”

Doesn’t it sound good? But why aren’t more people starting their businesses? As I have mentioned repeatedly in previous posts, this is the best time for everyday Joes like you and me to start our own business. Everything that we need to start our business is not only easily accessible, but also affordable and some even free.

We can access to free education about running businesses on YouTube. We can market on social media for free. We can set up online shops through Shopify and Wix. If we are running a business that sells physical goods, we have Alibaba that can sell us goods at wholesale. So, if everything seems to be in place, what exactly is stopping us?

What are the things that you think about when hear the word ‘business’? As for myself, I think of people like Jordan Belfort and Richard Branson. I think of a large office with 100 or more staff. I think of employees dressed in suits. I think of afternoon golf games and evening social events on rooftop bars. I think of Rolls Royce and mansions. And that’s the problem, those are what Hollywood want us perceive of the world of business. And if the reason why many of us who would love to start and run our own business aren’t doing it is because we are so disengaged with that image of how a businessman works and live. So disengaged that we don’t feel that we will ever get there.

No doubt there are some businessmen who are privileged enough to have access to unlimited resources from the beginning. But the truth is that most successful business people started their business through bootstrapping, which is basically starting business using whatever existing, if any, resources that they have. Before Jack Ma was successful, he was a translator. What about Brian Tracy? He was a washing dishes and toilets before he found massive success.

Stop allowing Hollywood to tell you how a businessman should look like, or worse, let them stop you from going all out to achieve whatever greatness you are destined to achieve.

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