Check This.. erm.. Peculiar Pet Shop Out

When people think about pets, they immediately think of dogs, cats, and fish. What about… ANTS?

That’s exactly what this shop, Just Ants, is selling. I was just minding my own business, looking for a place to have my lunch, when I walked past this unassuming shop with many curious eyes looking at it. Naturally, it caught my attention too. A closer look revealed the many tanks of ants being displayed. The scene reminded me of a certain Stephen King novel. Ants are really amazing creatures, aren’t they? Beside the fact that they can be pests at times, it’s simply fascinating to learn how they build their tunnel system through team work, intelligence and perseverance.

Whenever I see such businesses, I am sincerely touched and inspired. Touched and inspired by their creativity and ability to think out of the box. This is what’s stated in their About Us page:

We are a small team of passionate Ant-keepers who started our Ant-keeping adventure back in 2017, little did we know that we would be so amazed by these little creatures! They are so fascinating to watch and observe, they also impart  life lessons. Many have told us that this business model would not be lucrative nor sustainable, but at the back of our minds, we thought why not take this bold step and spread the love of Ant-Keeping! 

I would love to see more companies following in Just Ants footsteps. Just doing what you truly love and not letting anything or anyone get in your way.

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