Got a Brilliant Idea? Don’t Do This!

Remember the last time a brilliant idea came up and you were so motivated that you can’t wait to tell the world?

Perhaps, the next time another brilliant idea crops up, you should try to keep them to yourself.

Think about it. Why do we feel like sharing with others? It’s because we hope to seek their affirmations. We know that the praises that we will get will make us feel good. Well, nothing wrong with that. But why is it better to just keep them to ourselves?

The first reason you shouldn’t tell anyone is because they are not operating at the same level of motivation and conviction as you. So they will not understand how important is it for you to fulfill the ideas.

The second reason is that when you share your ideas freely, you get unwanted (and unnecessary) attention and stress from others. If results don’t come as quickly as they should, then you may become desperate for quick results, which in turn, disrupt your initial plans.

The only people you should share your ideas with are those that will play a part in it, like your partner or other important stakeholders.

As the saying goes, “Confuse people with your silence, and shock them with your results.”

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