You Are Just Another Sheep

I came to a realization in 2016. You see, I am not an American and I am not living in the US. But I was interested in the Presidential Election. After all, it’s Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. A battle of two interesting characters.

So one day, I searched “Donald Trump” on Google. And what showed up? All the negative news about how stupid and how the world is going to end if he ends up becoming the President. I was pretty taken aback because these articles aren’t written by amateur bloggers but by established news journalists of big news corporations. I grew up thinking that news are supposed to deliver the message, not tell us how to think. Even if they do, usually they will do so subtly. But these media are now just blatantly forcing their views onto their viewers.

My point here is not to tell you who to vote because that’s your prerogative. My point here is to encourage you to take back your power and your rights to think independently.

Let me share with you a scene in the film, The Mist, that left a deep impression in me. This movie is about a group of people hiding in supermarket because the town in invaded by mysterious monsters. Among the people, there is this religious lady that kept trying to tell the others that this is a result of angering the heavens. Initially, people ignored her, thinking that she’s just spouting rubbish. But later on, when the people began to become more and more fearful of the situation, they started to seek solace in her sermons and gradually became her followers. In the end, they even followed her command to sacrifice the innocents to the monsters roaming outside.

We are being told to hate on others on a daily basis. Don’t give away that one ability you have, to think independently, away to others. No celebrities. No news company. No politicians have the rights to do that, unless you willingly allow them to do so.

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