Why I Started This Blog

As you may have known, jochua.com is all about me sharing my views and lessons about money. Money has always played an important role throughout my life. It has been a great friend, a great enemy, and also a great teacher to me.

I feel that money is something most (probably all) people want but many do not dare to express that particular desire publicly. Most people stick a label on themselves and openly share all sorts of things that they love but how many of them dare to say that they love money?

Money has been given a bad rep. Tell people that you love money and people will think that you are a greedy, materialistic, and shallow person. However, deep down, we know that we are far from that. With more money, we can give them to people who are in need. We can provide a good education for our kids. We can take better care of our family and our community. And most important of all, we can provide security and we can have freedom. Money isn’t always about Rolex, Rolls Royce, and mansions, as the media projects (even though there’s nothing wrong about buying those things if you can afford to).

Just like many, I used to buy crap and got myself deep in debt. With the encouragement that I received, I managed to pull myself out of it and turned my financial status around. I started to respect money. I began putting my money into investments and even embarked on my entrepreneurship journey.

I see my friends who have smooth lives, in well paid jobs, never gotten into money troubles, and I envy them sometimes. But I would never exchange my past with anyone.

If you’re currently in debt, I hope my story can give you the encouragement to overcome it someday. If you’re already on your path to building up your net worth, I hope my posts can resonate with you, one way or another.

I wish you massive success in your journey to becoming wealthy.

– Jochua

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