The Biggest Reason Why People Don’t Start Doing The Things They Love

The biggest reason why people don’t start doing the things they love is because of the word ‘Perfection’.

Think about it. The leaders of the various fields are occupied by names that produce picture perfect content. What would happen if we put out something that’s flawed. What if we post selfies of ourselves that looked a little too chubby? What if we stutter on our YouTube videos? What if we offend others if we express our feelings on Twitter? Or what if the art that we produce gets a lot of criticisms.

Far too many dreams have been buried simply because of a fear that they aren’t perfect enough. Perfection is simply an illusion. We should NEVER allow anyone to stop us from embarking on the journey of our dreams.

As Les Brown said, ” Practice makes improvement, not perfect”. You just keep improving. But for that to happen, you will need to start somewhere.

So, go start your YouTube channel. Go start your business. Go do the things that you have always dreamed of, yet haven’t due to your inner struggles with your own insecurities, and your own need for perfection.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Find the courage deep in your heart to break out of your fears. Then dip your toes into the water. Take the smallest of steps and move forward by an inch. Then by another inch. And so on. Just like a snail that’s crossing a walkway after a heavy rain. Slow? Yea. Risky? No doubt. But it knows that as long as it keeps moving forward, it will reach its destination.

As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”

3 thoughts on “The Biggest Reason Why People Don’t Start Doing The Things They Love

  1. Very well written. I completely agree with you that ‘Perfection’ stops many of us from even starting something new. We should chase perfection but with knowing the fact that we will never achieve it but we will definitely improve a lot in the process.

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