How to Sell $10 Water Bottles at $25?

This is what I did. And what many are doing. Is it easy? I don’t know. But I’m sure it isn’t THAT hard. I guess there are people selling $10 water bottles at $80. So what’s the secret?


To sell a water bottle, or anything, at a profit, you will need to tell a story.

Not lie. Don’t get me wrong. But there must be a reason for your customer to buy. And you must create that reason(s). Your story should be truthful and sincere and meaningful to you.

My business at that time was selling products that promotes environmental friendliness. Therefore, I was able to attract people resonated with me and my brand.

Of cos, there are many other factors to helping my sales, such as, excellent customer service and selling useful and aesthetically pleasant looking products.

But to me, what stands out and meant most to me was to be able to connect to my audience through my stories.

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