Living With Insecurities? Read This

Insecurity is something that I have been battling almost all my life. I began to realize that I am quieter than most people around me at a young age. And often, I was chided, and embarrassed, by those who I expected to be the ones who should be protecting me. And yes, for being quiet.

If you’re a parent, or a teacher, my plea to you is to not tell your kids off because you want them to be more outspoken. The damage that you will inflict onto them may be so severe that they will last a lifetime. Try using encouragement instead.

I learned the term introvert early on in my life. And I learned that I am an introvert early on in my life. So, as I grew up, I accepted that I was an introvert. I closed myself to the world because that’s who I am (or at least who I should be). But I always live with an envy of those who could express themselves naturally, not realizing that there’s nothing actually stopping me from achieving what I want to achieve. “Hey, but you are an introvert. You can’t be a charismatic speaker, right?” Words like that would come to haunt me until I surrender to them but one day, I had a realization. I realized that the term, introvert, is simply a label.

It is simply an illusion. All I needed to do is to learn how to speak well, learn to express myself, and learn to increase my confidence and abilities. Noticed the denominator already? All I need to do is to LEARN. Sitting around all day long and accepting the fact that I will forever be an introvert will not improve anything. I will need to put in the time and effort to improve myself. Being weaker in speaking up and expressing oneself is simply a lack of skill. A deficiency. It’s not in my gene and it’s simply not part of my identity. I finally tore off the label. No more an introvert I am.

Think about all the labels that have been slapped on you to tell you who you are and what are the things that you should or shouldn’t do.

Think of the rain. Do you remember that when you were young, your mum told you to seek shelter when it’s raining, if not you will fall sick? Have you ever dance in the rain? I don’t know about you but I really love it. It’s fun and liberating. But why don’t people do that all the time? Because you will fall sick? Really? I doubt so. I didn’t fall sick the last time I went out for a stroll in the rain.

Ready for the truth? Because you are afraid of being judged by those in the shelter. Because nobody does it. Because it is crazy to do it. Because you are insecure.

Don’t believe me? I want you to go out into the rain the next time. Feel the insecurities creeping up onto you. Overcome them. Let me know how you feel.

Letting go of our insecurities is very powerful. Insecurities are like iron chains, locking us and stopping us from fulfilling our destiny and our dreams. I hope you will be able to break away from your insecurities.

“Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.” – Les Brown

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