5 Secrets to Achieving Massive Success

Ever wondered why some people succeed and why some people continue to get stuck in mediocrity? In this article, I want to share with you the 5 secrets to why these people can achieve massive success in the lives.

Set Goals

Most successful people set goals. They take time to set clear, well defined, meaningful goals. It is important for our goals to be clear because when our goals are clear, we can put in clear actions towards achieving them. To ensure our goals are clear, we must write them down in a book or on a piece of paper.

Contrary to beliefs, a goal shouldn’t be “out of the world”, but rather, be realistic. It should be big, no doubt, but it must be achievable. To say that you want to be the richest man on earth by the end of next weekend is simply unrealistic (unless you are Warren Buffett). If you set such goals, they will not be registered into your belief system and your mind will not be motivated to achieve them.

Set goals that are meaningful to you. Don’t set goals to satisfy your sales manager. Sit down, take out a pen and paper and start setting goals.

Plan for the Long Term

We are all living in a time where everything can be accomplished by a click of a button. That may be true for a instant message or a quick comment but for achieving success, it doesn’t work that way.

Amazon took 20 years to become the richest company in the world because Jeff Bezos always think long term. Even when important people left him, he persevered because he thinks, yes you got it, long term.

A tree takes time to grow. A chicken takes time to grow. Okay, there’s steroid but it will make the chicken grow abnormally. It’s the same for your wealth, your business, and your investments. So, start thinking long term.

Keep Thinking

Do you realize that we almost don’t need to think anymore? Now with our smartphones, we have lost our ability to remember things and also we have lost our navigation skills. And whether the social media platforms are making us more sociable or less sociable, that’s still up for debate.

When we are able to think, we can come up with ideas and solutions. And that’s where all the big money is.

Time Management

Everyone has 24 hours. After 8 hours of sleep, we all have 16 hours. The majority of us spend another 8 hours in the office working for our salary. And after deducting another 2 hours for travelling, we are remained with 6 hours.

These are the crucial 6 hours that determine if one is successful or not. What do you spend these 6 hours on? Watching drama, online shopping, gossiping or gaming? Or do you spend these 6 hours reading, building your business, networking, or learning how to invest?

The choice is yours.


And the 5th secret is to take actions. Without taking actions, nothing is accomplished. Success requires one to be proactive. Successful people don’t sit around waiting for something to happen, they take massive actions to achieve success.

Think of what do you want to achieve? What actions do you need to take? Then, take them. No ifs and no buts.

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