Wild Animals vs Zoo Animals

If given a choice, would you choose to be a wild animal or a zoo animal?

A wild animal is free. It can choose to roam its habitat freely. It can choose to hunt whichever food they feel like having. But wild animals are constantly exposed to the danger of the elements. Droughts, floods, predators, famine, rivals, etc.

A zoo animal is well fed, well sheltered, but lack of any meaning in life.

Most people are like zoo animals. Similarly, they are well fed, well sheltered and also lacking in any meaning in their lives. Think about it, most of us accept a barely acceptable job, a barely acceptable income, in order to get through our barely interesting day to day lives.

If you truly desire to live a meaningful life, there’s no question which you should choose. Only by living in alignment with your purpose you will be able to find major success, meaning, and happiness in life.

Life Is A Race Against Time

Most people don’t realize that life is indeed a race against time. They fail to realize this because most people simply do not have a life mission to accomplish. These people live a life of existence, rather than a life of substance. Life is empty without the living. Going at it day by day, without meaning, barely surviving, having nothing much to celebrate about, is a criminal waste of life.

Everyday is important. Everyday must be cherished. If I go through a day without accomplishing anything, I feel a great deal of disappointment. I write down why has it happened and how can I not ever repeat it again. Everyday you must accomplish more than yesterday. Everyday is an opportunity for you to give a little of yourself to make the world a better place. When you start to think bigger in that sense, you will start to see life in a whole new way.

Whether you are young or old, it is never too late. Spend some time to contemplate on your purpose, goals, dreams, and mission in life is. You have a long way ahead of you to achieve it and on your way, you will definitely be rewarded, whatever the reward is. Start working on your success immediately so that you can have something to look back on a few years from now.

Should You Choose To Be Contented Or Desire For More?

Actually, this is a trick question.

The answer is that you should be both contented and to have the desire for more.

You see, most people, when asked this question, will tend to think either or. There are some things in life that you have to make a choice but in this case, it is perfectly fine to have both.

Unless you are living in the Wudang Mountains, it is impractical to be too contented in the society we are living in. On the other hand, too much desire will always make us feel insufficient and deprived.

Therefore, the best way is to always be contented, yet also have the drive to work towards achieving more in terms of our desire. This way, you will feel happy, yet ensuring that you live your life to the fullest.

Loved Ones

I’m really, really fortunate. Why do I say that? Because at present, all my loved ones are well and healthy.

What motivated me to write this entry? I realized that we are so busy in our lives, about everything else, that we forget to be grateful. We forget to be contented about what we already have, even though we still have things that we haven’t yet achieve.

How often do you pause for a moment to be grateful about the people that are still around you? When was the last time you did that? I won’t be surprised if the answer is ‘never’.

The reality is someday, these people will leave you and sadly, that is a guaranteed. And that would surely bring a lot of regrets. You would have wished that you have said something to them, done something for them, or simply, just be grateful for them. So, think about what are the things you can do now to reduce the regrets you will have when the days really come.

Our loved ones are really important people in our lives. We know that but most people don’t know why is that so. Our loved ones have the capabilities to help us activate the power of love within us. Love is a superpower. It can move us from an inactive state to an active one. It can influence us to make massive sacrifices, and that could even include our own lives. Love can motivate us to climb the highest of mountains. Love can start and end wars. Love can take us to the moon and back. Love can make us do stupid things. Love can make us do crazy things. Love can make us kind or it can make us evil. Love can turn dreams into realities. Love can turn repeated failures into massive success. Love can make us work harder in the hopes to provide a better future for our loved ones. Love simply makes things more meaningful in life. Most people underestimate the power of love. Their only perception of love is what they see in films like Twilight and The Notebook, but when the fairy tale ends and real life kicks in, they become lost and wonder why love is so much different from what they have always imagined.

Who can we blame? After all, love isn’t a topic that is being taught in school. Sadly, I see more people abusing the love that they have the privilege of receiving. Most people exploit the love their loved ones give to them, to help them attain superficial things in their own lives. That is, unfortunately, a great waste and misuse of love.

What does love means to you? How can you use love as a motivation to take you to greater heights? How can you use love to bring more happiness and meaning into your life?

Why Are You Here?

Have you ever wondered why are you here?

Like, why you? Why out of an infinite number of chance, it’s you.

You didn’t happen by chance. Rather, your existence is a calculated occurrence. You weren’t put here to go through the most mundane of lives and die. We live in an amazing world, an amazing universe. Everything in this realm has a purpose, a distinct and important purpose.

The trees have purpose. The sun and the moon have their purpose. The planets have their purposes. The ants, the bees, the flowers, even light and oxygen. And what about you?

You are here to fulfil a very important mission. Well, nobody has told you what that mission is yet. And unfortunately, nobody will ever tell you what it is. The reason is because nobody knows and nobody has the rights to tell you what your mission and what your purpose is. The only person who can define that answer is yourself!

What do you want to be? What do you want to achieve?

Dig down deep. Face it. Be honest with yourself. Acknowledge it.

Only then, you will find out what your true purpose is.